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Twenty real life stories that will touch your heart, rekindle your faith and even change your life.

Inspired is a collection of twenty amazing stories of faith, hope and love. The stories cover a wide and far reaching range of human experience, tragedy and challenge.

Take the pilot born without arms; the couple who were on death row; the mother whose son committed an atrocity; the father whose daughter was born after his wife’s death; the nun who ministers on death row; the priest whose opened up his parish to the homeless; the mother who forgave her son’s murderer; the priest whose hands were blown off by a letter bomb.

Ordinary people, extraordinary stories – wherever we are, whatever we’re up against, no matter how awful or overwhelming our predicament, these stories will touch your heart, inspire your faith, give you hope and even change your life. 

About the Author:
Joanna Moorhead is an award-winning journalist and author who specialises, amongst other subjects, in interviewing ordinary people who have been through extraordinary experiences. She writes regularly for The Guardian, The Observer, YOU magazine and Good Housekeeping. She is a frequent contributor to radio and TV programmes, talking particularly about relationships and family life. Joanna lives in London, and is the mother of four daughters. She is arts editor of The Tablet newspaper.